Agent Alive: Bringing the Benefits of a Live Agent with Life-on-the go Convenience

What if we get an entire office suite that can bring the benefits of a live agent along with the convenience of life-on-the-go like other online services? This was the first thought of Agent Alive. Our Client wanted to give a personalized experience to its customers with the benefits of real-time video call and chat, screen sharing and recording, document sharing, thus removing the hassles of agents and customers altogether. Their requirement was of a digital platform that combines the convenience and service into one, like a live connection, real-time recorded signatures, the ID card and document storage for the customers.

Our client wanted a sales and service application which can bring the convenience of doing business online. They wanted a definite sales lifecycle, where agents and clients can simply connect where they are and close the sale from start to finish in one user-friendly app. An application that could provide the users every tool for their insurance transaction, ultimately bringing about the massive sales process.


Looking at the technology market, our client was lagging in the sales process as they had no sales team to look through the entire sales lifecycle. It required to move fast with the integration of digital technologies into their operations, making sales process digital as it has tremendous potential. Moreover, they were struggling to move on a customer-centric journey without being digitally enabled.

They needed a definite online platform where agents could connect with customers and close the deal from start to finish. There was no real-time live connection, the agents and the customers had to juggle between apps and programs to accomplish their needs of an insurance transaction.

1. lead generation: lead generation was quite difficult as customers want the comfort of services while planning for the inevitable.

2. Customer experience with their traditional methods, the engagement between agents and customers was quite difficult. The question here was can any application create a value-based proposition that places both the insurers and customers in a win-win situation?

3. No definite sales process: Without a digital platform, there was no scope of the company to reach customers and stretch out to the global market. Moreover, without a proper sales lifecycle, they were losing big time on prospective buyers.

What Softobiz did?

Softobiz developed a digital platform Agent Alive, and with this product our client overcame all the challenges, making their insurance transaction more efficient. Together we came up with the business goal of maximizing customer experience and scalability.

A digital platform was offered, to make insurance transaction available on multiple devices, like a kiosk app, which could work on mobile, iPad, or web, accessible to all, which will make the work of agents as well as clients more facile and would help in generating massive leads.

Now with AgentAlive, our client could manage the sales lifecycle in real-time. The application could track leads and sales, ultimately working as a powerful tool for managing and upscaling the business. With live video calls and chat, screen sharing, and e-signature, real-time document exchange, easy wallet payments, mobile device scanning( to drop documents as pdf) and many more features, the need for simple solution was given to them through agent alive app which was able to get our client with an actionable information on their users and use it to immediately respond to them. Moreover, to comply with the vast customers, we developed it on Native IOS as well as Android.

Softobiz built agent alive as a kiosk app that was available on all devices, mobile, iPad and web, making it available to the maximum customers. This gave our client a maximum hold in the market of insurance transactions and increased efficiency in customer experience.

With a kiosk app, lead generation was fast and customer reach was more.


Value Delivered

The real-time app removed the hassles of customers, thus, improving the Sales lifecycle. Agent Alive saw instant results with Softobiz, as the agents and customers experienced:

1. An accessible digital platform.

2. Easy access: guidance, solutions all in a single platform.

3. Flexibility to customize financial products: piece together various solutions to achieve one product that meets all needs.

4. With the equipped claim handling process, customer expectations are more accessible.

5. As the application automates everything, the users can simply install the app, sign up and look for agencies.

With all these features on board, the product agent alive proved to be a massive success for our client. You can read more about Agent Alive on their official website.