Best Fleet Tracking GPS Systems for Car or Vehicles

Best Fleet Tracking GPS Systems for Car or Vehicles




About the Project

Through the intelligent integration of these elements, Telemax adds value to our customers’ business by increasing actionable information and reducing operating costs.

The Problem

Client want to track fleets in real-time using some external hardware devices like Meitrack, Gosafe, Calamp. Each device sends packet after every 2 seconds. Client also wants to manage reports of fleet trips , fuel consumption, fuel price, travel history etc.

The Challenge

Broadcasting real time data on web application from windows services with CPU optimization without any delay was the biggest challenge for us.

The Process & Insight

We developed number of windows services for processing different tasks simultaneously without delaying real time data:

  1. One windows service known as TCP Listener receives data from devices and stores it into MSMQ.
  2. Second windows service receives data from MSMQ , decodes the packet ,inserts into database and broadcast data to web application.
  3. Web application provides user interface where user can view real time fleet tracking, report generation and fleet history review.

Using windows service we insert data into MSMQ and then process it using another windows service and broadcast it to web application.

The Solution

Telemax provides technology solutions designed to give managers a real-time understanding of the behavior and performance of their vehicles, assets, mobile workforce and consumers.

  • Keep GPS track of both business & private travel and customers visited.
  • Create reporting to analyze geofence entry and exit around customer locations.
  • Time the duration of on-site customer visits.
  • GPS Track exactly how many kilometers are taxable.
  • Get detailed information on the Car’s or vehicle’s use such as mileage, fuel consumption, the driver’s behavior, and the number of stops made (customer and non-customer).

The Results

This application is now handling 10,000+ devices and without any delay you can track all the devices in real time. You can create Geofence report, fuel report, fuel price report, Trip report and many other reports using single click within few seconds.

The Technology

Telemax application has been developed using ASP.NET, MVC, C#, Razor, JQuery, Azure IoT Hub & SQL Server for web platform while Phonegap has been to develop iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry mobile apps.

Our Clients Love Us

“Softobiz team has completed a very long and complicated project successfully. They were able to communicate extremely well and execute the task at hand.”
Frankie Braam CEO of Automotive parts